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Reuven Feuerstein
-The theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability describes intelligence as "the unique propensity of human beings to change or modify the structure of their cognitive functioning to adapt to the changing demands of a life situation."

The skin.... Our complexion is a working genetic!.

In genetics, dominance is the phenomenon of one variant (allele) of a gene on a chromosome masking or overriding the effect of a different variant of the same gene on the other copy of the chromosome.

When I first began reading this I speculated to myself that it was most puzzling still; unsure if its something carelessly wrong or just a different factor of human gene.

The first variant is termed dominant and the second recessive. This state of having two different variants of the same gene on each chromosome is originally caused by a mutation in one of the genes, either new (de novo) or inherited. The terms autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive are used to describe gene variants on non-sex chromosomes (autosomes) and their associated traits, while those on sex chromosomes (allosomes) are termed X-linked dominant, X-linked recessive or Y-linked; these have an inheritance and presentation pattern that depends on the sex of both the parent and the child (see Sex linkage). Since there is only one copy of the Y chromosome, Y-linked traits cannot be dominant nor recessive. Additionally, there are other forms of dominance such as incomplete dominance, in which a gene variant has a partial effect compared to when it is present on both chromosomes, and co-dominance, in which different variants on each chromosome both show their associated traits.

I understand clearly, I just can't portray the intelligence or confab meaning. I came across the word reading dominant/ dominance, I was peering for a title for a science shell, when I began. I had the scariest delusion that I would be the new Oscorp. While I kept rehashing the first few words: Dynasty Intelligence.... I added *0f Science -just later-. I knew the sound of it says there is more and will bind me to a dag. In person that is. Being genetics is one of the four words to inculcate the/ a word problem. Was then I never chose a word unless I read the ended definition. And that it was written in definition :*of genetics it was unforeseen that I learned something 2nd. ^Then *Realizing I only be deprived of [to]} using the word {Dominant} go figure. Even with illustrations it's all the same. I wonder what a red person Americanized see when they look at their blue alarm clock with white numbers.

Dominance is not inherent to an allele or its traits (phenotype). It is a strictly relative effect between two alleles of a given gene of any function; one allele can be dominant over a second allele of the same gene, recessive to a third and co-dominant with a fourth. Additionally, one allele may be dominant for one trait but not others.

Medially my type, I handed over the first few unified connotation, but the subject of the excisable modicum. Like I told you, I'm just typing my own code (I understand it may be dispirited to do so with a website of your own, only there weren't many overstepping codes.) Comparison vice.

Dominance is a key concept in Mendelian inheritance and classical genetics. Letters and Punnett squares are used to demonstrate the principles of dominance in teaching, and the use of upper case letters for dominant alleles and lower case letters for recessive alleles is a widely followed convention. A classic example of dominance is the inheritance of seed shape in peas. Peas may be round, associated with allele R, or wrinkled, associated with allele r. In this case, three combinations of alleles (genotypes) are possible: RR, Rr, and rr. The RR (homozygous) individuals have round peas, and the rr (homozygous) individuals have wrinkled peas. In Rr (heterozygous) individuals, the R allele masks the presence of the r allele, so these individuals also have round peas. Thus, allele R is dominant over allele r, and allele r is recessive to allele R.


Dominance differs from epistasis, the phenomenon of an allele of one gene masking the effect of alleles of a different gene

Now it's just; In the beginning....

World domination which is mainly a conspiracy theory
  Colonialism in which one group (usually a nation) invades another region for material gain or to eliminate competition
  Chauvinism in which a person or group consider themselves to be superior, and thus entitled to use force to dominate others
  Sexual dominance involving individuals in a subset of BDSM behaviour

Dominant wind, winds that blow predominantly from a single general direction over a particular point on the Earth's surface
  Dominance (linguistics), a relationship between syntactic nodes

Dominance (genetics), one allele is expressed over a second allele at the same locus
  Footedness, the natural preference of one's left or right foot
  Handedness, a better performance or preference for use of a hand
  Ocular dominance, the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other
  Dominance (ecology), the degree to which a taxon is more numerous than its competitors in an ecological community

Dominating decision rule, in decision theory
  Domination number, in graph theory
  Dominant maps, in rational mapping

Other uses
Dominant CZ, a Czech company
  The Domination, a dystopian alternate history series by S. M. Stirling
  Dominance and submission, in an erotic episode or lifestyle

Male dominance (disambiguation)


I metamorphosed a greed I have to affirm. The last word FREE I treasured was to name my pet snake. When we moved to a new neighborhood I went to Petsmart to seek if they had snakes. Just my luck, I got to hold my first snake, the Venezuela Redtail Boa. It wasn't until later I thought of the name. It was inevitably later I did finally reach the local library to consume more my show. After looking at the green stuffed python or cobra on the top of the bookshelf. The thought to use the name crossed my mind inordinate.

Maybe a nonhuman animal intelligence that knocks at every one's soul's inquisitiveness to emulate serpentine creatures or beasts such as dragons.
Evidence of a general factor of intelligence has been observed in non-human animals. The general factor of intelligence, or g factor, is a psychometric construct that summarizes the correlations observed between an individual's scores on a wide range of cognitive abilities. First described in humans, the g factor has since been identified in a number of non-human species.

Freedom, having the ability to act or change without constraint
Emancipate, to procure political rights, as for a disenfranchised group
Free will, control exercised by rational agents over their actions and decisions

Free (programming), a function that releases dynamically allocated memory for reuse
Free format, a file format which can be used without restrictions
Free software, software usable and distributable with few restrictions and no payment
Freeware, a broader class of software available at no cost

Free object
Free abelian group
Free algebra
Free group
Free module
Free semigroup
Free variable

Other media
Free: The Future of a Radical Price, a 2009 book by Chris Anderson

Free (surname)

Free content, material without significant legal usability restrictions
Free, Indiana, an unincorporated community

See also
Freedom (disambiguation)
Freed (disambiguation)
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