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Non-physical entity
In ontology and the philosophy of mind, a non-physical entity is a spirit or being that exists outside physical reality. Their existence divides the philosophical school of physicalism from the schools of idealism and dualism; with the latter schools holding that they can exist and the former holding that they cannot. If one posits that non-physical entities can exist, there exist further debates as to their inherent natures and their position relative to physical entities.

Entitativity, in social science, is the perception of a group as a single entity (an entitative group), distinct from its individual members. Operationally, entitativity can also be defined as perceiving a collection of social targets (e.g., individuals) as possessing unity and coherence (e.g., a group). Entitativity is highest for intimacy groups, such as the family, lower for task groups, lower yet for social categories (e.g., people of the same religion), and lowest for transitory groups, such as people waiting at the same bus stop (Lickel et al., 2000).

Donald T. Campbell (1958) coined the term entitativity in order to explain why some groups are considered real groups while others are thought to be mere aggregates of individuals. He suggested that people rely on certain perceptual cues as they intuitively determine which aggregations of individuals are groups, and which are not (e.g. Spectators at a football game may seem like a disorganized collection of people, but when they shout the same cheers or express similar emotions, this gives them entitativity)(Forsyth, 2010).

Additionally, Campbell (1958) emphasized three cues that individuals can use to make judgments regarding entitativity: common fate (the extent to which individuals in the aggregate seem to experience interrelated outcomes), similarity (the extent to which the individuals display the same behaviors or resemble one another), and proximity (the distance between individuals in the aggregate).

To illustrate how we make those judgments, consider the example of people sharing a table at a library. They could be friends who are studying together, or they may also be strangers happening to share the same table. If you're wondering whether this is an actual group, you would examine their common fate, similarity, and proximity. Common fate may be something like the group all getting up and leaving together while talking or laughing amongst themselves. Similarity could be as simple as noticing that they are all using the same textbooks or notes, or that they happen to be wearing the same t-shirts to organizations (i.e., fraternity, university group). Finally, their physical proximity to one another (i.e., moving to sit closer) would be the final characteristic to judge that you are witnessing individuals with entitativity (Forsyth, 2010).

There are two proposed antecedents for the entitativity perception (Ip, Chiu, & Wan, 2006):
physical similarity
goal/behavior similarity.

Entity concept
In accounting, a business or an organization and its owners are treated as two separately identifiable parties. This is called the entity concept. The business stands apart from other organizations as a separate economic unit. It is necessary to record the business's transactions separately, to distinguish them from the owners' personal transactions. This helps to give a correct determination of the true financial condition of the business. This concept can be extended to accounting separately for the various divisions of a business in order to ascertain the financial results for each division. Under the business entity concept, a business holds separate entity and distinct from its owners. "The entity view holds the business 'enterprise to be an institution in its own right separate and distinct from the parties who furnish the funds"

An example is a sole trader or proprietorship. The sole trader takes money from the business by way of 'drawings', money for their own personal use. Despite it being the sole trader's business and technically their money, there are still two aspects to the transaction: the business is 'giving' money and the individual is 'receiving' money. Even though there is no other legal distinction between the sole trader and the business, and the sole trader is liable for all of the debts of the business, business transactions may be taxed separately from personal transactions, and the proprietor of the business may also find it useful to see the financial results of the business. For these reasons, the affairs of the individuals behind a business are kept separate from the affairs of the business itself.

List of XML and HTML character entity references
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Document markup languages HTML support XHTML

In SGML, HTML and XML documents, the logical constructs known as character data and attribute values consist of sequences of characters, in which each character can manifest directly (representing itself), or can be represented by a series of characters called a character reference, of which there are two types: a numeric character reference and a character entity reference. This article lists the character entity references that are valid in HTML and XML documents.

A character entity reference refers to the content of a named entity. An entity declaration is created by using the <!ENTITY name "value"> syntax in a Document Type Definition (DTD).

Entity–relationship model
An entity–relationship model (or ER model) describes interrelated things of interest in a specific domain of knowledge. A basic ER model is composed of entity types (which classify the things of interest) and specifies relationships that can exist between entities (instances of those entity types).
An entity–attribute-relationship diagram for a MMORPG using Chen's notation.

In software engineering, an ER model is commonly formed to represent things a business needs to remember in order to perform business processes. Consequently, the ER model becomes an abstract data model, that defines a data or information structure which can be implemented in a database, typically a relational database.

Entity–relationship modeling was developed for database and design by Peter Chen and published in a 1976 paper, with variants of the idea existing previously. Some ER models show super and subtype entities connected by generalization-specialization relationships, and an ER model can be used also in the specification of domain-specific ontologies.


In our deliberation Legal Person will analyze an unified complicated compendium of every event which led to a Class Action Claim. I will reveal through reactions and wisdoms that were at hand. Some of the stories may appear out of order and may; bi cause the collateral assertions are not in the documents, the actual dates are not mentioned because they are not evident. These are just embarrassments and contentions. Some are to illustrate wrong not fault or both. Others may relate to just sentiments or reactions physically and/ mentally to communicate some use of words such as exasperation; pander.... etc. Although the term may have lesser effect, except the facts remain that a lot of the records do not exist because they were either never revealed or kept to the company because of filing enactment/s, or they were never requested, and/ lost than destroyed. I will give you my plea and will end only by one question: Right or Wrong. I will state my violations to the most excessive of its quintessence without prejudicing degeneration of either company or citizen or visible website content also to not attribute beyond legal government. A good bit, if this is about lawsuit it should be said or transferred out in prosecution. I am not seeking an actual trial, the consequences of my career state become more taxing by garnishee then I must seek proceedings by the Supreme Court. In different circumstances, my design has a coexistence with the misadventure consequently our fundamental evidence is MATH. To attain all the data I must mansion with the current demonetized inferno to endow content for the next 4 websites I am building to synchronize with the Emerald Kingdom.name website to evolve a wealthy MAINFRAME & SUPERCOMPUTER.

This begins from a childbirth. I begin noticing the outside world was not responsive. When your reaction to nothing is not the same as your parents its either you are not paying attention, or it is another event. I cannot explain it. It is either America has an agenda for me, or it is a holy war with the devil. My response to latter life events were class action. Before this I will not go through every childhood moment. Not a little not any. I mentioned this because my reactions to nothing; are the same for each event and superior I reached out for to help absolve my discrepancies.

I was at the end of my life. I mean you will not know my place of feelings if you cannot digress my conviction. My last day of freedom, became my first day of manhood. A lot of people believe that when a boy becomes a man, that it has to with what they do after. That ain’t true. It is the chance your given to know your living in a new reality. You cannot feel the same way because you have no choice to. And this judge did this… and the only thing I can remember is the smell of the table. The blood and saliva, with the deathy scratches that almost appeared invisible like the pen or nails or what ever carved those invisible filthy noes was emboldened with so much pain as to, so the individual wanted to be what ever they were before their fate were left at that desk. I knew, it hit… that is what was keeping me from being a bad person. The sight of me, all I could see was sometime in my past from choices I turned the other way. Out of one of those choices. I can literally see. There was a judge in front of me; it was alternating between a woman judge and a male judge. And they took my life away. I told myself I could not cry because I could feel I was free, but I learned! From my past that a judge has a magic power. Determination. My plea was before him. My parents were behind me. My lawyer was next to me. My arresting officer was to the right of her. The bailiff was to my left. And I all they can see was the excitement I was right about myself. That this county is no joke that they send people to jail and I was facing penitentiary time. The only thing that saved me was my entire charges were filed by the state, but the victim was my brother who did not appear in court because he did not want to agree having me sent off for the rest of my life. They could not make a case, and that was the magic I caught at a glance before the judge gave me that one chance with more to it. Restitution, evaluation, probation, etc. and I was free.

That same day, I went to the Virginia Employment Commission. I just so happen there was a recruit there for IAD (Dullest Airport) at Gate Gourmet. She recruited me and after my first interview the next day I was hired. October 31, November 1 Halloween and All Saints Day, Recruit, Interview, and hire. After orientation I started as a Porter for full time 8-hour days 5 days a week.
I did not have a car or really any means of CONFIDENCE my transportation would work out. I caught buses. It was the only mode of transportation I knew that was close to this part of the North Virginia Region, but I was wrong! I used a bus for a full year. Before someone told me that the train station was at the end of my first’s bus route. I was possessed. My brother let me ride with him because he worked 4 minutes out. When my day was over, I caught the bus. The second oxy moron was the stop I got off at. We are not only two more oxy morons, but it was the first stop the train made leaving the Metro Station my bus stops last. The second from that first stop is, I was catching a bus that stop running because I would catch the Express bus from the train. And I caught the bus to the other Metro Station from the first bus I transfer from. And that bus takes a full 1-hr to 1-hr 45 min ride. And I never went to the stop where the train stops first, I went to the last stop from the first transfer bus to the Tysons West Park Bus Station. And the bus I transferred to from the bus station was a 2-hr trip. Back in High School it was not even an hour. It would go from mall to mall in just 40 minutes. But that was almost 30 years ago, and the area has truly expanded. Then at this stop I waited an hour not to mention the wait time at the other stops; rain, cold, heat, and Spring the next to last bus. Took a whopping 40 minutes, I think. And I then had to catch my local bus to the stop closest to my street. Which was on the main highway at the top of the hill. I did not get home until 9:45 and 10:16 pm. I clocked off at 3:30 pm, 7 hours. And I had to wake up at 3:30 am because my brother had to leave by 4 am to get to his work by 5 at the earliest. So, I would sit in the cafeteria from 5 am to the time to clock in at 7 am. I only got 4 hours of sleep each day. When I could have took the bus to the Metro Rail. Ride the train to the first stop and catch the Express Bus. Then catch my commuter bus to my local bus and get in at 6 or 6:30 each day.
I caught on and figured it out after a year. I did not really care because my old life I never got out at all. I never left my city. I did not have any money, a car, or any friends. I was extremely sheltered with dysfunctionality that would not drive me insane because I put that energy in exploring my library. I was distracted by the girls, but I got what I needed. I got what I said I had to have to put into a website. I know this is a website that I am introducing something that changes subject to case. And a red letter…. But it coexists so I must and use the tools I sat aside to use for this very set back I prepared for. So, while I endured these tiring long trips that did get to me sometimes, I just thought about what I came from. The lust to want to see the other cities I had not driven or seen since my last car I owned.

It all started with this other worker and this girl she was just always pressed about me. So, it threw me off from purpose because I wanted to try a new expression in life. That was just from the qualities I think they called it you would see and could read when you walk through the gate. I did not know if she liked me or if it was just her personality, she was from Africa. This girl was one of the shifts lead there were two. One day I was talking to the Supervisor and I was just saying something for fun about him hanging out with this girl. I did not think it was a big deal, but he turned against me it felt like. She used it to her advantage because he started writing me up for anything he could. I knew I was going to lose my job. Then he started interesting me in a different shift. I said no because it was taking me a year to learn the bus. So, I knew I would not be reliable on any other shift. Let alone make it home from the afternoon shift. With him there was this other Manager who was really close to this girl from Africa. He was from Puerto Rico. They would keep tabs on me, because if you got on his good side, he would take your side. It was not strange because I was not really pointing it out that I thought it was too many workers paying attention to me. So, this manager would have us work crazy jobs. Cleaning things to the extent that the only satisfaction was his. We were using chemicals I have never used or heard of and I have been cleaning since my mom gave me my first chores. I cleaned for my church. I cleaned for my brother’s company. I cleaned for my brothers’ friend car detailing company. I cleaned working at a car wash. I cleaned working for a day labor company. I worked in cubicles before typing and filing. And it was my choice to change industry because my decision to start chasing tv and being famous I thought I had to go to a more hands-on working edge because. I started an aftermarket street racing company. We built a website, and I got a license to sell so I wanted to get into fame through the racing world. That is when I thought to take a chance instead of getting back into temp agencies for typing work in day labor. Now I have a Supervisor, a Lead, and a Manager all giving me heat and write ups and basically ignoring my Grievances. Attendance. Behavior, it did not matter I got a write up. It hit the fan when the other lead turned on me and made a complaint, I was not sweeping the parking lot that I was in the cafeteria or hanging out in the locker room and the Supervisor wrote me up. It was supposed to be my last write up. But I had already put in my bid to switch to the midnight shift. They probably still could have fired me, but I think I had the mercy of the GM. I think he got on my case once, I know it was once. But I was working midnights when that happened.

My first night working midnight I was nervous. I was trained by a worker who has been there I think a few months already. His brother arrived just one month after me. Me and his brother are the entire argument. I just think that this guy played a silent act because they were brothers. He trained me, and he already had trained his brother, I think. Even though he was hired a month after my hire date. They were both midnight employees the full year I worked mornings. Later the same Supervisor who worked mornings asked which one of us wanted to be Lead. I wanted to take spot so much I was just hurt that I would fail because I caught the bus and train to and from work. I did not want him to rely on me. I turned down the promotion. I did not have any hard feelings about the Supervisor even though he was treating me like I was problem. He was African American I think, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and just accepted whatever he said or did just to keep my job. I mean he had a problem or a big issue, but he did not fire me, and I kept my forgiveness at that same acceptance. I did not kiss up to him I was just the only other African American Porter besides this one other guy who I became cool with more than anyone else. That other person worked mornings with me. And he was a part of the harassment. I mean that is what we felt like, or I did; but he used to be in the military, so he handled his differences in a straight out approached. I told him I did not care because they were not giving me what I wanted back from my Grievances I put in. Anyway, me and the two guys I was introduced to at nights were coming around. They were from Africa and we used to talk about America and Africa a lot. I was curious about their country. It did not turn until we had to put in our new bid for work hours.

I worked the regular midnight hours 10 pm – 7 am for almost 4 months. I was ready to give up. Because I was taking a round trip 7 hours to work and from work a day. Not to mention working 8 hours. I had to get up at 3:45 pm to catch the 4:16 bus. My write ups did not go away so I could not screw up my attendance. One night I just gave out. I said I could not do this anymore. And when I was getting ready to quit. My bid came back I got the Heavy-Duty bid. Heavy-Duty is 10 hours 4 days a week. I put in for it because I was discussing it with the Supervisor. I expressed my transportation situation and he told me the shift started at 10 pm. I thought Midnight started at 12 am I was like, there is no bus or train that will start that late. When I settled down my concerns. I noticed the one African guy who was hired after me get upset. He turned against me. At first it was just light, and small insults about my work. Then he began to pray he resorted to his prayer rug and I believed he started praying ill fortunes over me. I begin to have disoriented work hours and workdays. The first week he approached me about it. I told my Supervisor and he approached me again about it. I knew he was not happy with me because we did not have any more subtle conversations it was always some deceit on his speech. Mostly hiding his envy. He started having a problem with me being around. He took the competitive cliché you see in movies with kitchens and employees and would physically war me. If he could tell on me, to get a disciplinary action no matter if it would get me fired, he would go that direction in hall. Later after stirring a religious war between us both. He started complaining to HR I was harassing girl employees and got them to go along with his claim. They even made me their escape goat when they took food from the kitchen. By the end of the day I overbalanced with blame, lies, and hatred. I know I did not fit in with the cooks like others did because I was not as good with my words as they were. I was trying to get everyone on the floor to take in. I am just working to get a paycheck, and I can buy a car and start my home business. I did not have fear to retaliate. I was eager to start working from home. Everyone who worshiped Islam did not like me. By the time the next bid came around he grew too much with his own fury that when I got Heavy-Duty again. He would shout and say things loud inappropriately and none of the managers or supervisors said anything. The woman who was hired in HR she was more compassionate with his argument against me instead of making the point I did nothing wrong. He would make complaints and then relay to me that the manager asked that I am to do it. He would support every word with the manager said so. This was when they gave him the Lead position for midnight. One of the afternoon Supervisor left to his country for vacation for 2 months and they are hiring someone for his place. They gave the spot to the Midnight worker who was hired before me the person who trained me. When he got brought out of his pity with a new position, he wanted a sweeter deal. The Lead position and his old hours 10 hours 4 days. These hours are only extended to two employee Porters, the other aside me went to someone who transferred from Liquor. When he got that set back, he rallied the midnight manager and supervisors to coexist with his worth. Vacation time was coming for me, and he got the Supervisor to cut overtime. After they cut my hours from suspensions and sending me home. When vacation time came around, I was in default of the new car loan for the car I just bought. When I asked for overtime when my vacation came, both the Supervisors and Managers said no. Instead, the managements office gave all the overtime to the morning and afternoon shifts to work nights. Afterwards, he got the manager in his hands because they have levels of authority overseeing workers. Then would make complaints to his office. The manager called me in his office one of the nights out of the week he has been screaming at me for no creditable reason and tried to yell at me and use the racial term for black Americans instead he said “Ignorant”. The two nights before I quit, the turnstile was being replaced so everyone had to go through HR to get inside the building. This manager and the lead tried to physically beat me after accusing me of another false action. I wanted to ask my brother for a gun and drive back listening to Dr. Dre “When You Grow Up” and shoot them both. On my last night, my lead asked me to follow him on the dock. We went inside a bathroom that has not been cleaned for so long. And he told me my supervisors order was I had to clean it. He then flipped the light to a pitch-dark room. He did it because I complained to the safety supervisor that he was making me climb on a metal stand that was used by the cook to set bowls on. Instead of providing me with a ladder and I almost slipped off and died. I went to HR the next morning. The HR rep listened to me, but when he was told someone was waiting, he told me come back tomorrow. I said he is trying to cause a work-related accident and you want me to come to work tonight after what I just told you. He said I had to leave and make an appointment. I left and got to my city and looked at my online banking from my mobile and it was only roughly $260. I went back to talk to HR and Payroll. And was treated the same way. The airport gave everyone on airport property a raise at the beginning of the year. They did not initiate mine until this day.

You may say that I am not providing the full story. And they feel the same way. I made complaints to my HR. About my locker my car in the parking lot, my employment. Everything to put me back in the place I was before this other employees dissension started. I even told them their lunch gave me a sinus infection and I almost died. They showed no actual care or paid me for the debt. I was threatened if I pursue my argments. I did not accept their raise or money. And I never returned. I threw the uniforms provided in the trash for the Landfill.

This section of writing will explain my duration of unemployment. I admit one crucial wrong that I irresponsibly did not act on professionally. I was too clouded with pride it might have been every solution that would have avoided much of my debt and physical shape this day. Unemployment claim. I honestly was very frustrated myself that I did not use violence except my non-appearance and IAD police might have posed a graver punishment. I had not atoned my sins since the last time I have been to the altar. While at home, I was going through a financial mess trying to gain control of my possessions and nothing worked.

I rented a storage unit at the local Extra Space. I am seriously not sure if that is the name, I get the two confused. This storage is located on Telegraph a mile or so north of Quality Tires. I had an account with a side company that purchased my upgrades from Quality Tires; ACIMA. I had a web loan I was forced into because I was behind on my insurance and the fact that it was my family’s insurance the determination was either pay that week or I would be out of insurance. So, $100 turned into $3000 out of only $800 I was awarded the rest was interest and I had to pay back weekly. If I wanted out of the interest, I had to pay two payments before a deadline if I am remembering correctly; America WebLoan was the company. If it were not for the misfortune with Gate Gourmet, I would not have had to purchase this loan. I had got a loan just before I got my car for $800 at Regional Finance. And my car payment, a bill now. It went into default when Gate Gourmet were having their indifferences and shorting my hours and paycheck. The infernal worry was my storage unit. I put everything I had inside my room that I was storing and the stock parts that came off my car and a g+ sticker. I had tow or more phone discussions with the girl working. After explaining my time loss, they decided to auction my unit off if I did not pay by the end of the day. I lost everything! I tried to explain to her that it was not my fault that I was having employment issues. And she did not give me extra time. It was extremely unfair on every party’s choice making. I had nothing on my side except a bunch of firing thoughts that did not help.

My next step was juggling if an EEO was the next thing to do. I never got around to it; I was certain I would be hired by a Temp Agency. So, I did not worry myself. I got two interviews, one in Arlington and the other Vienne. They were both Staffing Agencies. I had to disappoint the lady at Arlington and go with Vienne because I set an appointment first with Vienne. Before arriving, I was on the phone with company who financed my car Regional Acceptance Corporation. They had already given me six months default without payment. I was told if I do not have work by the end of the week my car was going into their system for repossession. So, as you can see, I am happy I even had an interview. I was rescued by a low-class low income paying assignment working for Goodwill as a custodian. It was not that bad. Good will is non-profit but they have a lot of sharp workers. For the most case. I mean the work was not horrible the store was newly renovated inside. I was practically cleaning shelves and floors that had not been cleaned since the store was remodeled. I came across a lot of dirt and dust, but I did not have much to do. I stayed there almost 12-hour days most weeks when I could. It just was not cutting it. I was making my payments for my car and catching up. But fatigue settled and I got lost.

It came time for inspection, and I was down on a sticker and a horrible vehicle because I got into an accident. I was not in an accident before it went to the VW garage. I am getting ahead of this… I was up for inspection. I decided to take my car to the VW on Rt. 1. Next door to Acura. Karen Radley VW/ Acura. I made a few appointments in the past for my car except I had to cancel because I was up and down with my work and income. It was not in the dead zone because I was coming into tax time. This return would give me the advantage to put my bills aside and pay off my ACIMA account. I was not doing this because I was impatient fixing up my car. That was only one reason. I did have a car that I believe may have had some problems outside the first accident.

Okay let us run it back...
The first trip to the VW garage was working at Gate Gourmet. I had a problem with the steering. Diagnosis says I needed a new rack and pinion. This was the second week, and my warranty covered the repairs. Except I still felt like something was not right. I did not think the acceleration was good. I did not like the steering, even after the repair. So, I pushed the limit daily every turn and straight shot. I drove my car up to just a little under 100 mph or more on 3 am interstates. I got a shot of torque one-night driving into the bank parking lot. I got that same reaction during my test drive. It just went away, so I thought it was because the car was sitting in the sun. Second thoughts were to go to the courts to get my money back because I had already owned the car for a few months. But I wanted to battleship with the street racing industry and suburbia auto enthusiasts and finish the hidden challenge I made with the dealer, an unstressed reasoning. I gave the item of what I wanted to build my companies and my eyes were on the Mercedes. He told me I could not afford it.

Okay, let us run it back again...
It is a Saturday, and I wanted to visit Eastern Motors to see if their moto your job your credit is still their sales pitch. I got there, and I met with the dealer I set an appointment for. Like I was saying, the Mercedes was in the ad and he told me come down. I sat in it, and it was awesome. I introduced myself and told him I was starting an online company. Too many of them, that I need a car I can sit in daily comfortably and type on my phone and lab top. Draw on my Google Pixel.

One interruption very quickly…
I bought a new Google Pixel 2 working at Gate Gourmet (before my vehicle purchase) and a Moto Z2 Play when I bought my VW. A total value of a little under $1100. The value of both phones a piece was $1000 and up. I just got a deal online for the two. Both installment plans. Now I have two phones with no service unpaid.

The dealer said he could not sell me the Mercedes without a $10000 down payment. I told him if he gives me to Christmas and I will come back. And he told me I will still need a co-signer because of my credit, maybe. He then told me he could interest me in something different and still give me what I need to act comfortably inside working on my phone and a laptop. He took me around back and these cars were dirty. He showed me the two VW’s. A black and an older one. I bought the black one. I asked was it anything wrong with it he replied no. Until the paperwork was complete, he tells me about the accident. I bought the car still, and I made a call to my home to get my family’s insurance information because my license was suspended because of unpaid court fines. So, the insurance company that Eastern Motors were supplying me could not insure me because of the fact. I was just merely shopping for information and this guy throws me a wrecked black VW. I paid full value for the year and model. I took care of the fines the next day and Saturday went to DMV to get my license. Just I had to also ask my family to come pick up the car and drive it because I could not. I had to meet them at the airport, and I told the dealer I would return. When I returned, we drove off the lot and traveled by interstate. I got home posted on Facebook. And while at the DMV my mom drove my car back home because the line was outside piling and the doors had not open.  From those two moments were the only two moments my car has been out of my sight and without the keys in my possession.

So, if the car was just sitting in the sun. Then he sold me a lemon. I did not care as much as if the entire rural valley was clowning on me because the dealer got over on me because the warranty and I just joined the ACIMA team. The entire issue is that I explained this to both VW garages, and after the rack and pinion job when I got my car I asked about the acceleration and he told me nothing was wrong…. I felt like I had interrupted their work and he just pushed off because I kept calling, but I do not know that for sure. I did however have the same acceleration response and the steering was drifting. Later maybe a few weeks. I was driving behind a shopping center and tried to clear a drain in the ground driving at maybe 20 or more mph and slam my passenger side front end. I tore the bottom of my car off and did some damages to the engine. That just was not concluded. I had just concluded this while my car was in the shop for the last time. I was driving on I-95 South headed home, and my engine begin to rattle. Something went spinning around and shot through the catalytic converter out of the resonator shooting through the exhaust ricocheting off the highway. I saw sparks from 100’s of yards ahead. I thought I was killing someone. My first reactions were if whatever came from my car went through some driver’s window. I did not see a crash, so I sped off. While I had it at Karen Radley VW, I gave them every detail I just explained. I knew the warranty was not what would cover the repair. I needed to have warranty work completed and what would not be covered to relay if I had bought a lemon. Unfortunately, my emails were taken the wrong way the young girl at the desk who was responsible for taking my business. She thought I was overwhelming her inappropriately. Or whoever monitors emails. They asked me to pick up my car. I was at a total loss. I had an inspection to get through and no money. With damages to my car that I cannot even devise into any plan of being able to overcome this failure I am about to crash down to. So; I gave up! I took my charge cards. Went out driving through the night. I picked up a cocktail at the gas station. And later I circled back into the station to get fuel. And my windows were fogged. One of the things I asked the Karen Radley and Lindsey VW to check out when my car was in their service centers. My vision became blur, and I went to the right and could not see the sidewalk and drove completely over it on all four wheels. I thought my car was a total bust. I got out and looked to see if my wheels fell off and the car was in one piece. I got up. And continued my employment at the Goodwill. I still was giving up. I did not have no money. That accident made it worst because I could not get a professional opinion. So, I quit. My warranty had a few thousand miles before it is void. Before it expires. I went out and started driving it out purposely just to kill the warranty. I was discouraged and completely overcome with failure.

I was driving home from Goodwill one day and started racing this car on Prince William Parkway. We got to Hunters Ridge homes and my car just slammed to the left to the median. I thought I was going to crash. I caught its balance and begin to drift left right left center. And with the last 50 mph I had on my warranty, I got home and decided to send it to Lindsey VW of Dulles. I called and set up an appointment and told them I could drive it just not on interstates or maybe highways at 50 mph or more without drifting and wanted to tow it. My warranty covered the tow and was covering the rental. Now, I am saying to myself: let us try again. Let me give them all my information and problems and accidents and see where we are after I leave the car with them.

So, to return to the last of the Goodwill in Manassas discussion. I fell out of sync with the girls employed there and eventually they hired someone else. Just for the duration of my time working there I received and spent most my employment duration there while my car was at Lindsey. Since we are going to get into what happened at Lindsey. I am working at a new assignment. There is just no relevancy to the Goodwill in Manassas and the issues going on with Lindsey. I was given another assignment that paid almost $15 an hour I think that is the exact number. This was a warehouse job in Sterling, I think. I almost died. I thought I became an overnight expert. I was trained to use the Cherry-picker. It was a filing warehouse we pull out and put in file boxes. I went into the clear isle and I did not strap on the harness. While in the air I was leaning trying to reach a shelf and I just lean forward and let the harness catch me. I heard my mothers voice as tiny as nothing in the center of my mind. Pulling me back to the Cherry-picker. I looked up and I saw my harness was not on. I could not believe it. I almost cried. I did not thing GOD existed I just do not know how worst someone’s life can get when things look up your up in the air almost 12 heights of shelves. And the one time you get caught into a battle with death. The number pallets that take up the isle stacked with boxes so you can belly flop. Was nowhere in sight. It would have just been me and a eulogy. I lost that job and was given another assignment. At another Goodwill just around the corner from the Lindsey VW of Dulles.

So, we will go back to my employment with the previous Goodwill to assist actual day in term. My day was going as sketchy as it always has.
It has been three weeks and I have not heard anything from Lindsey VW of Dulles. Remember I told you if you can, that I felt like I rushed the previous visit calling constantly checking on my car being ready. So, I let the weeks pass and one day my account paid out roughly $300 for the rental I was given through the warranty company. I called and asked what was going on. The service gentlemen told me I needed to contact my insurance company and put in a claim to get an adjuster. He told me he left a message on my resident phone. I did not receive it, but I was made aware of it that same date? When I got to my home, I contacted my insurance company and got an adjuster. The adjuster told me to finish putting in for two claims. I just did not have the exact date of the first accident, when I hit the drain in the rear of a shopping center in my city. I told her I did not get an immediate response so I told her I would call her back after I check with the Lindsey Garage. We got an arrangement for the adjuster to appear at the service center on a following Wednesday. I drove out to the service center a day before to replace the rental. I got a recall letter in the mail for the rental I just did not have time to exchange the rental because of work hours. I was still working when they closed. I got around to making the arrangement. Afterwards, I visited Wells Fargo to dispute the transaction for the charge on the rental car. My insurance company had taken over the rental situation now so I was certain I should not see a charge for the current rental I was driving.

I went back to my regular life. Waking up and driving to work. I felt uncomfortable because I was in a smaller VW, they rented me a Jetta. It was a 2020 model I got the chance to test the so-called Corvette challenger. I heard this car turbo-charged could race a stock Zr1 or C8 I can not even remember where I heard it. I realized another charge came through another two or three weeks later and no phone call. I contacted the service center and asked about the charges and they said that was for the Enterprise Rental to discuss. Enterprise is a desk in the service center at Lindsey VW. It is at the end of the office connected with the other five or seven desks total. Except they were out, where I could not speak to them. When I finally got in touch with them, they explained it was just the first charge to my account and the company will return it once verified that it is an active account. Something to that effect. I never used insurance for any accidents and have a rental, so I was not familiar. When the charge returned another week and weeks later. I went to the shop and asked why you are screwing around with my account. It was not a shock to me, I had to drive my car to the nearest gas station to fuel my car for the tech to their drive diagnosis. Or I would have to pay $60 a gallon. And the car arrived on a tow. The fuel tank was empty, but who would figure it was that deep. I checked on my car and there was no progress. Almost two months and nothing new done to my car. But charges for the rental to my personal checking account.

I will try to put this in a go and to order without critique scattering of elements that may or may not befit the paragraph. This first duration of my vehicles lasts occupying stay with this service center were using workdays to visit Lindsey VW Dulles. I had already contacted several government establishments to find a reaction and the only place that pinpointed my topic is the State Attorney. Only, before contacting the State Attorney, I gave it a chance because my car was still in their care. Inside of this time-consuming ordeal, I drove and ridden in my vehicle and had at least hours long talks with the tech I was introduced to who oversaw my vehicle repairs. His conversations he determined to end exclaiming there is nothing wrong with my engine. Second, my adjuster had paid out a claim to me for about $3000. I did not trust her. She was deceitful and talked with conspiring conceit. She rushed my claim and made false identifications of my vehicle leaving out problems I believed had come from the collision. Third, I have changed between 2 and 3 assignments with my Staffing Agency 4 maybe. My Supervisor had explained to me I can not accept anymore assignments if I must leave the job site or cancel anymore. Fourth, I had used almost all my insurance claim money to pay for fuel, lunch, car insurance, car payment, and other bills because of the pace and professionalism of the Lindsey Service Center. Five, I began seeing a misappropriation of funds on my online mobile banking. I accused the Enterprise Rental because of the number more of transactions without my consent to my account. Six, Enterprise Rental charged my personal checking account nearly $1300 more or less total for a rental Allstate Insurance already covered charges for. Seven, Allstate Insurance and the Adjuster did not communicate with the garage to keep me at my work. I had to visit and call constantly the adjuster, Allstate, Enterprise, and Lindsey VW Dulles. Eight, When I entered the final week of battling every company and employer and employee I returned to start over and requested the garage assist with my second insurance claim. By helping me express to the insurance company things I was experiencing so that everyone steps in after the claim is made. The service attendant they passed me off to. Emphasized there was nothing wrong with my vehicle. Now with everything said. I asked, if there is nothing wrong with my car why have you not contacted me to pick up my car instead of charging my personal checking account for a beat-up rental? He responded that they were going to pull it in to look at; something to that distinction. I asked, why have you not sent my car out to the body shop that you told me you were going to for you to fix the issues under the hood that is covered by warranty? They stated that they can not work under the hood until they have repaired the body. He replied that Lindsey VW does not have a body shop. I visited Lindsey VW Sterling website when I got home the very same day. The link to Lindsey Body Shop is at the very top of the page and active. The next question I asked was, why was my car sitting in the same place for two weeks while you allowed it to get that filthy and have not done any work? He said, it was ready or something else, but it was not a real answer. I said, So, is my car ready for pick up. He said, yeah if you want it. I demanded my car! He responded: So, you are not going to leave it? I answered, is there a reason to. He said, No. I asked, are you going to pull my engine out to see if something happened inside? He said, that would cost $5000 and there is no need to do that! I told him: Then no, I am not leaving my car. I have sent emails to the General Manager. He did nothing besides tell me take it up with the service department manager. I contacted Volkswagen Group of America.

At this point I have already been removed from 4 assignments: more or less. This is in a 3- and 4-week duration of time. When I contacted Volkswagen Group I was asked to come in and request the gentlemen who would see me. When I arrived, I greeted the person at the door and asked for the reference I received when I telephoned? When I met him, I felt comfortable, but when we began to go into my issues with my experience at Lindsey, he began to decrease interest. I showed him the Action Plan that the tech had given. It was just several papers with smudges and information about what was wrong with my car. While the entire time, they were relaying information to me, that there is nothing wrong with my Volkswagen. I explained they asked me to contact my insurance company. And I told him I did, and they submitted my claim and gave me a dollar amount of $50000 to repair my car. The adjuster said that is not my money it is for other uses. I spoke with my family who were the primary holders who dejected my using of the insurance making the report for a second claim and leverage over the entire situation fraudulent, asking if they could contact their primary agent to gather more details, also refused to assist. While getting more to the point of conversation, questions of why? The guy asked to make a copy of the papers the tech gave me; I had brought to them. He never returned with the papers. I did utter my uncaring attitude if he had kept the papers, and I also asked if he were going to return them after he made a copy. I looked at him when he returned with a question mark hovering my ideal. So, I ignored that I gave him papers the same he tried to ignore he did not have any papers to return. He began to talk and with nothing doing besides go into the consistent decree what Volkswagen are to their consumers and then gave me a contact of a gentlemen at Volkswagen Group Corporate upstairs whose title I believe is Business Supervisor. When I got home, I called the person in whom I was referred and expressed my evolvement of participation and actions to have my vehicle restored. He asked me to email him a full explanation. I sat at my home for hours and typed an illustrated report. I explained my importance why I felt the car was so important more than other customers. I told him how wrong it was for them to corrupt my bank account. And the exact details of what happened the entire months my car was just sitting in the same place at Lindsey.

I made a video of the condition my car was after returned to me. Alike the email, he did not receive the video. The email to, the Exec. Specialist (Business Supervisor) finished with his decision that Lindsey Volkswagen of Dulles had done nothing wrong. His second response to my bank account and the charges made to the account by Enterprise that was my personal issue I had to resolve with Enterprise. I made my decision to follow these matters with the State Attorney. Just not getting too much ahead of the entity.

I had my final assignment at another warehouse somewhere near Chantilly or Sterling, I can not place it. Except I had to leave early the first day. The location of the place I was assigned was too far out to make it to my bank in Tyson’s McLean before they closed and the scheduled time I was supposed to sign off. I arrived at my bank to the usual banker I have been visiting at Wells Fargo when I first thought to go to their headquarters. Turns out it is just another branch. My local branch was not handling the dispute as told. My means in this location I just followed the high sign placed on the top of the building visible from the I-495 Interstate. As again, I was merely there to dispute claims. The man who helped was centered and understood what I was saying and replied with a lot of respect. Just, in the end I did not get the customer satisfaction I was entitled. What Enterprise did is; they charged my personal account using the first signature upon release of the rental vehicle. The car was both inspected by the cashier and myself before I signed and initialed. Only, the car was making the same reaction while driving. It always would drift left or right at high speed. It felt extremely hazardous to me. I was better off keeping the minivan except I did not like the heavy foot I picked up from it. Now I understand somewhere in my contract I signed with Enterprise it is written they can charge my account. My issue was not the charges. My issues were the charges without reason.

My car was towed by SafeDrive SafeGuard who covers the rental for I think $2500 or a lot less. The warranty covers up to $10000 of coverage. Except I used it previously for a new rack and pinion two weeks off the lot. So, I was not exactly sure if it was total 10k or each use is up to 10k. Hither thither, it was my warranty and I believe the service worker had a problem I was using my warranty at less than 15 miles before expiration. I paid for it; I do not care if I brought you my car with 1 mile before expiration. At the beginning I wanted to hire a lawyer and sue for discrimination. I am just from a hard ground. I gave the person at the service desk the same papers I typed with the issues of my vehicle.

In aspect I was lucky. I had a warranty. I had two insurance claims. And a tax return on the way, while just discussing with my staffing specialist more money.

Except SafeDrive SafeGuard replied on the phone there was no claim. I did not understand their all. The man said there was no claim. Yet he provided me with a claim number. When I returned to Lindsey VW to bring this to Enterprise’s attention asking how they are deciphering hundred dollars amount for a rental that should already be covered by SafeDrive or Allstate. He said I am giving you a refund. And said that to wait for my absence to charge my account using the same initials I initialed with when I received my first rental. I had only signed once and exchanged 2 cars a minivan and a black Jetta VW. From this point I chose let me use my bank.

At Wells Fargo, they returned my funds to my account only twice. Except when I left my final assignment from the warehouse (I am sorry last to final assignment) I made it to the bank with expectations of a full return. I was told I would have my full return after weeks of yelling and arguing. I have it on paper. I told them while working for Goodwill Manassas I turned on my online banking and I watched a little under $300 blank from my account twice if not 4 times throughout my entire time having an account with them. I asked for my statement and the banker assisting me gave me every transaction I ever made since I opened this account, my second Wells Fargo account. I closed the first account because of these same issues. I went home and I dug up a spreadsheet using MS Excel. I even gave it a name digging in my online glossary: Misappropriation of Funds. I made a simple chart to give gist to maybe watch my life turn out like Monopoly [Bank Error In Your Favor...]. I gave them all the things I could think of. And because my account was between $100 more and less daily, I was not important enough to at least return money.

After Wells Fargo lied more than 3 times and closed my account so it can no longer be discussed either litigation or criminally. I must make sure the documents I have that shows that both and all Wells Fargo, Allstate, Enterprise, SafeDrive, Lindsey VW, and Gate Gourmet will be guilty of these facts to a Class Action Case.

Now at the end of my Legal Entity. In some way….
I worked for Express Employment Professionals. When I first arrived, I was so nervous my coat went into the ceiling. I was distracted, I could not stop thinking if the two girls that were there interviewing me were interested in me. I just felt extremely overcome with the close attention. I have not worked for a staffing agency for more than 15 years. With the basic resume that I proposed, the only assignment from her list came from the least favorable choices. Custodial assignment: Goodwill, Manassas. I did not have much of a hand. It was fate. I had gotten so lucky with my car being restored and a possible two new free engines if Lindsey VW would have followed through with my evil demands. Which would have made 3. And some body work and framework. The only thing I would have had to pay for was the lava from the volcano. But I went on all the assignments my specialist provided me. I worked hard and I cleared roughly a six month or less duration. When it came time for each of the companies that I have been doing business with to reconcile and either fix my car and pay me for the damages they have caused, or we all move into a place I take the next step doing the right thing. Quit my work, because Lindsey did no new repair or restorations there, I did not receive a new Inspection decal. I am not allowed to drive on the roads because of this. When I quit, I put in for Employment Benefits. I used the Virginia Employment Commission website. I answered with the question answers that the website provided. The determination was I was not eligible, and the reason was my former employer is not responsible for my transportation. I filed an appeal. During the arbitration I explained I am using the answers you are providing. I was mailed papers from the Virginia State Attorney for investigation and I need employment benefits to proceed. I did not even collect a severance. And I was denied my appeal. The first and second.

I wanted to say this earlier….
I did get around to putting in for an EEO. I mean I hated the fact that the person I am speaking my case with looks like the same person at the VW who asked in the end if I was going to keep my car there, but I was seeing a lot of look alike more and more every day. I really thought I was living in a bubble, I was. But I came out of it when I had broken windows and put on the armor my own Revelation. He gathers all the clues and wrote them on some page he emphasized that everything that I am saying must be correct and as accurate as I can make them, and truthful. Or I will be violating the law. Or something like that. I was not there to do this to make a lawsuit. I had told him this, I told him I need whatever you can provide me with for my debt collectors to give me more working time for my debt. He did not like the tacit conundrum that the company Gate Gourmet might come as guilty. I mean this whole indifference is just with me, but I know I live in a region it is not hard to place associations. Impossible. Yet, I would only do that to bring out the conspiracy that it is true. And it is not because it is not proven. Because we all live miles in length that are same as our morning commute into work does not mean my conspirators house is any less of a distance to ride. Except I had to take who they presented me with. Later, his decision ruled that it was not any discrimination by some law code or section. And I could file a lawsuit except this would not be admissible in a court of law. The EEO Office Washington DC. I thought they were hiding something. So, I entered their facility into my Class Action Claim.

Concluding the previous before…
Now that I was denied Employment benefits a second go around. I had gotten an earache and tooth ache that was so excruciating the only thing I did that entire night was curse God and Jesus and hiss at the ceiling like a snake with hatred only. My entire flesh inside, the spirit you feel just as a human. Mine wist to a serpent right while I ended to hissing evilly. As if you really want to know how Satan became a brood. All because I could not afford a tiny pack or small bottle of pain killers. I did not have any money whatsoever. I was drained completely while my car sat outside in the visitors parking on its way to be repossessed. While I could have drove. And saved the $1300 the ambulance cost. Or the $9000 the hospital bill cost.

When my overnight observation finished. It was just a short stay, I arrived at maybe 4 am. I was told I was going to a room, but I was asked if I wanted to go home. I slept in the hallway all morning with a bunch of police rear in my face. I woke up maybe 1 and half hours after falling asleep 3 or 4 times. I was lucky they had a pill. I did not have insurance so; I was not going to get the treatment that would give me a chance besides going home with the same pain. They told me I can go to Prince William Mental Hospital. I told them okay. I tried to change my mind the nurse said it was too late the arrangements for transportation was already. I was taken to Dominion Hospital, where I spent a week with a group of patients that did not seem any worse than me. Except I do not think anyone there could have been as mad in head as me. I was falling and I am sure I was not going to come out. A sticker in the window has be changed it is required by law. I take the chance from the upset my car was already at the shop and then I get into a ground collision a second time with not many miles left before my warranty expires. Somehow from just racing, I use the scruple from the owner’s manual to send your car to the VW garage if anything is wrong and do not continue to operate my motor vehicle on the road. And suddenly my insurance comes into play with a warranty and some extra cash coming and I am supposed to believe a mechanic tell me that I am not entitled to a restored vehicle with almost $120000 in front of them for their play. I could not even get a sticker. Anywise. I expressed myself to the doctors and told them that I am in the wrong place, I did not tell the nurse to send me here to be admitted as a mental health patient. And that I am being tormented from just trying to live a legit way of earning money. I have been trying to live on my own for years. I do not even have anything now and the hex of something else is even wanting this destroyed. The hospital discharged me after a week. I wanted a report for the courts just in case I took this to trial. But I wanted on to sew the Virginia Employment Commission for denying me Employment Benefits. That pain I felt that night with everything being taken away was the worst pain physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally I have ever felt. Now I survive off welfare not knowing when that will come to an end. I must find work except I do not have any clothes from my losses. I used to shop every month. Spend hundreds of dollars on clothes and shoes. I would throw them out when the dryer was finished fading the color. Why I would shop so frequently. Now if an interview is available, they are going to wonder why even bothered to fill out an application. I cannot get a haircut or keep frequent hygienic products to clean myself. I bought a bunch of toothpaste and toothbrushes on sale just for a rainy day or I do not run out of any. So that plus is okay except I can not shave so the only thing good with a good smile for a man, is his beard. But I am not getting intimately involved with the same garments appeal. I just must fall in love with my mouth is clean.

This is my case everyone. I thank you if you have taken the time to read it. I need as much support for this as much as you could extend. I do not have any chances of having an attorney. I tried reaching out to some, but the word Class Action makes them ask how much my bank account is worth. I learned about Red Letters in History, or Language Arts from high school. I am sure it was History. Until I find employment I have to keep going to death, to become the Devel of DEVILS.


Images Red Letter [ De jure ] Latin, meaning "in law." Something that exists by operation of law.

n. a situation in which both state and  federal laws or courts, or laws of more than one state, are applicable  to a potential lawsuit or interpretation of a document and seem to be  inconsistent or in conflict. The plaintiff's attorney's first problem is  to decide in what state or federal court the lawsuit should be filed.  This can apply to a dead person's estate with property in several  states, when people earn income in several states, are involved in  business in several states, or violate both state and federal laws in  one scheme. Also to be considered is the issue of federal preemption,  which may dictate that the federal statutes have been given a monopoly  on the subject (pre-empted the field) and that a federal court must try  the case, but that it will apply the laws of the state where the  controversy arose.


In law, a legal person is any person or 'thing' (less ambiguously, any legal entity) that can do the things an everyday person can usually do in law – such as enter into contracts, sue and be sued, own property, and so on. The reason for the term "legal person" is that some legal persons are not people: companies and corporations are "persons" legally speaking (they can legally do most of the things an ordinary person can do), but they are clearly not people in the ordinary sense.

There are therefore two kinds of legal entities: human and non-human. In law, a human person is called a natural person (sometimes also a physical person), and a non-human person is called a juridical person (sometimes also a juridic, juristic, artificial, legal, or fictitious person, Latin: persona ficta).

Juridical persons are entities such as corporations, firms (in some jurisdictions), and many government agencies. They are treated in law as if they were persons.[7]

While natural persons acquire legal personality "naturally", simply by being born (or before that, in some jurisdictions), juridical persons must have legal personality conferred on them by some "unnatural", legal process, and it is for this reason that they are sometimes called "artificial" persons. In the most common case (incorporating a business), legal personality is usually acquired by registration with a government agency set up for the purpose. In other cases it may be by primary legislation: an example is the Charity Commission in the UK. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 advocates for the provision of legal identity for all, including birth registration by 2030 as part of the 2030 Agenda.

As legal personality is a prerequisite to legal capacity (the ability of any legal person to amend (enter into, transfer, etc.) rights and obligations), it is a prerequisite for an international organization to be able to sign international treaties in its own name.

The term "legal person" can be ambiguous because it is often used as a synonym of terms that refer only to non-human legal entities, specifically in contradistinction to "natural person".

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